ADP Onboarder

Design and development process for desktop based application

the Problem

Companies need less paper, less wasted time, and happier people during the onboarding process.

our Solution

Create a fantastic onboarding experience for every new hire with a personalized onboarding page that details the tasks, tips, contact info, and files which every new hire will need before starting work at their company. Users get employee files, addresses, emergency contacts, bank info, and other data into a single, secure location and notifies you when any of it is updated.

my role

I was Lead UX and responsible for the experience strategy and design of the responsive web application. I led the UX work, producing all major deliverables and artifacts, presenting these to the client.

Accelerating the process, bypassing extra steps, using available data, and finding efficiencies through technological advancements. 


Our initial design focused more on simple document sharing, but through user testing we learned that users need a real narrative to understand their journey and the expectations of the role they are starting in. We added more ways to connect socially, and new video content.


login screen

login screen


Video content introduces a new employee to the team, process and new Manager. A user needs to verify direct deposit information, and can scan a check.

scan in banking check information


A user can introduce themselves as well as join groups to get familiarized

A user will then get their paper work done, share their interests, Meet the Team and share their special skills


My contributions included:
Product Strategy
User Persona Definition
UI/UX Assessment
Focus Groups
Content Audit
Experience Maps

Design Workshops
Card Sorting
User Stories & Scenarios
Customer Journey Mapping
Usability Audit
Rapid Prototyping
Information Architecture
Site Maps
Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes
UI Visual Design
Clickable Interactive Prototypes
Pixel Perfect Comps
Design Assets
Visual Design Style Guide
Interaction Library Development
Technical Specifications