ADP Interviewer

Design and development process for desktop, mobile and tablet based application


Companies need efficient ways to hire people and determine appropriate candidates not just look at resumes.


We designed an application with the ability to track, measure and improve user’s decision making using analytic and reporting tools. Allowances to monitor completion rates and time to completion, and view user and account activity, give valuable time back to your recruiters and hiring managers. Recruiters will not have to hunt down hiring managers and will be able to focus on other strategic needs.

my role

I was Lead UX and responsible for the experience strategy and design of the responsive web application. I led the UX work, producing all major deliverables and artifacts, presenting these to the client.


Our first steps were to interview both “Candidates” and “Employers”. Distilling research into a prioritized plan helped our initial design to focus on a concept of a place to schedule, meet and evaluate candidates. Meeting through video seemed to be the best way to connect. The Evaluation functionality would be a major part of the process. This led us to a better understanding of the users flow. I took a top-down approach to defining the overall structure of the experience. Through sketching and storyboarding, I generated a multitude of concepts about the arrangement of UI, functional and data elements, and interactive behaviors. Starting broad, our vision began evolving. Through a high-level design language, interactions and the application’s anatomy began to piece together. 


concept interviewer application for HR Admins

process flow for filling an opening


Our initial design focused on less steps for the user to start the process. Through testing and retesting, we discovered that users needed a much more extensive and defined journey, more steps that correctly understood their mind and conceptual map of the process.


introduction screen

meeting calendar for employee to schedule interview

who you'll meet

This research led to building low fidelity wireframes that defined the users experience. From Welcome to Scheduling, Meeting and Paperwork. Scheduling functionality let users agree to a mutually acceptable time for meeting.

A user would be introduced to the team they would meet to interview with. Verification of the date users will meet. Users can fill out paperwork too.


interview interface


interviewer and prospective employee meet online

notes on prospective employee can be shared and saved

An employer will see a different interface to meet and evaluate the candidate. They’ll be able to rate and evaluate the employee based other defined criteria. This evaluation will be available for all the interviewers. When a user returns for their video meeting, they have a dedicated space and agenda.

These finished interfaces, used for development, show the full functionality of the system, with the ability to rate not just one candidate but all the candidates in the running for an open role.


My contributions included:
Product Strategy
User Persona Definition
UI/UX Assessment
Focus Groups
Content Audit
Experience Maps

Design Workshops
Card Sorting
User Stories & Scenarios
Customer Journey Mapping
Usability Audit
Rapid Prototyping
Information Architecture
Site Maps
Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Wireframes
UI Visual Design
Clickable Interactive Prototypes
Pixel Perfect Comps
Design Assets
Visual Design Style Guide
Interaction Library Development
Technical Specifications